Impurity Cast List


Frazer Hines as Carlson

James Rothwell as Shotgun Jimmy

Sonia Browne as Sophie Scott

Rick Cross as Tomas Sorescu

Frank Rogers as Chemical Man

Bradley Sansome as Jack Scott

Maisie McMahon as Molly

Adrian Hickman as Leon

Ruth Shedwick as Alice the Witch

Lyndsay Davison-Blades as Samantha

Stu Baines as Hammer

Kevin Blades as Bob the Thug

Paul Ellis as Whiskey Thug

Justin Nash as Poker Thug

Einar Eriksen as “Won”

Nicola Cross as Tomas’s wife

Oliver Remic as Jimmy’s son

Ian Graham’s feet as Ian Graham’s feet

Mehmet Kiani Gazi as “boy in boot”

Andy Remic as “policeman”

Amelia Birtwistle as “girl in corner”

Ian Graham as “the voice of Chemical Man”




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