At Anarchy Films we have a simple ethos of collaboration, working in a very similar fashion to how Emma and Christopher Nolan worked with their film “Following”. We are a group of individuals who love making films, and we have a talented “pool” of people, many of whom will work in different areas to get the job done.

Please note: For full acting and crew lists, please see each individual film. The below list is not indicative of everybody who works with Anarchy Films.

Our core members are–


NAndy Rem_author 3AME: Andy Remic

ROLES: writer, director, producer, cinematography, editing.

BIO: Andy Remic is the author of 16 novels, first published by Orbit Books in 2003, with his most recent books, The Iron Wolves and The White Towers, published by Angry Robot Books in 2014. His novels have been translated into 6 languages, and he also owns Anarchy Books. His writing website can be found at

Andy is a budding film director, with his first feature, IMPURITY, starring Frazer Hines (Doctor Who/Emmerdale) now complete and about to hit the festival circuit, and his second feature, THE MASK WITHIN, in pre-production. Film stuff can be checked out at, and Rem can be found on IMDB at

Andy has been described by the press as “the Tarantino of fantasy”, which makes him vibrate in joy. He describes himself as “author, filmmaker, bunnyrabbit”.


Sonia BrowneNAME: Sonia Browne

ROLES: producer, acting, still photography.

BIO: Sonia Browne was born in Manchester in 1972. She trained as a Registered Nurse and Midwife and has spent many years working in the NHS. Sonia and her husband moved to Lincolnshire with their two young boys in 2010 and enjoy the country life living in a 250 year old farmhouse with their two Border Collies and cats.

Sonia enjoys acting and doing behind the scenes film work. She has been involved in short films and Impurity is Sonia’s first full film screen debut. She describes working on Impurity as challenging but fun. She enjoys spending her spare time cooking, walking, cycling and relaxing in their second home in the Lake District.


Roy Young with John Lithgoe 300NAME: Roy Young

ROLES: 1st AD, cinematography, sound, editing.

BIO: Roy has qualifications and experience in film making. He was an extra on the film Memphis Belle, working with director Michael Caton-Jones and actors John Lithgoe, Matthew Modine and Eric Stolz. He has made a large number of short films and has experience in script writing, directing, camera work and sound recording.


Gary Main 300NAME: Gary Main

ROLES: Cinematography, sound, stills photography, PR.

BIO: Gary Main is a former RAF Sergeant, professional swimmer, and an expert stills photographer. A keen cyclist, he also represented the military at the Olympic Games in London in 2013.



Digital Front 300NAME: Robert Shedwick

ROLE: Composer.

BIO: Digital Front (a.k.a Rob Shedwick) is an independent musician from Manchester, England. His musical tastes range far and wide from the piano sonatas of Beethoven to the intense surf guitar indie rock of the Pixies, the well-crafted electronic soundscapes of The Crystal Method, and the sonic mastery of Nine Inch Nails. He’s written for Hic Dragones, Andy Remic, and also had tracks licensed by The Sufferfest and Specialized, among others.

Digital Front started his musical life playing guitar in various indie rock bands, and more recently was writing as a founding member of “th3 m1ss1ng”, a purely online collaboration who also produced two albums to accompany novels by Andy Remic –

‘Serial Killers Incorporated’, largely written with an industrial rock sound, and ‘SIM’, an instrumental album with Vangelis-style undertones.

Rob contributed many tracks to the 2014 film “Impurity”. His EPs “Dark Places” and “Rubber Transmission” are available to download from all major online stores.

Digital Front –


JIM 300NAME: James Rothwell.

ROLES: Acting, stunt coordinator, crew.

BIO: James Rothwell has retired from teaching, having given up the fight to blag some sense into today’s yoof. He lives in a crumbling edifice in West Yorkshire with wife, two daughters and a pair of rescued Podenco dogs from Malaga, Spain, which are unique in sleeping 90 percent of their lives.

He has performed in various stage performances, including the musical “Annie” and a stage comedy spoof of Robin Hood, in which he had to leap into the arms of Andy Remic whilst 1000 hooligans hurled abuse and fruit. He played a lead role in the film IMPURITY, and he claims to be sick of swearing on camera, but is quite happy to do so in real life.


BradNAME: Bradley Sansome

ROLES: Acting, stills photography, crew.

BIO: Bradley James Sansome was born in Bury Lancashire, 1970. He has extensive experience as a professional stage and screen actor. After school, he took a fast track N.C. B Tech qualification in Drama and a HNC B Tech in acting. He graduated from Italia Conti Drama School in July 2005 having gained a BA (HONS) degree in acting.

After graduating from Italia Conti Drama School, Bradley appeared in Hollyoaks and two episodes of the period drama Casualty set in 1909. Bradley appeared in a BBC film documentary, “The Days That Shook the World/ The Boston Tea Party” Where he played Benjamin Edes. Bradley toured England presenting a TIE production called, “Arson About” for the Stop Watch Theatre Company. He played a young boy called Stueey. The play toured for three months and received excellent reviews. The sponsoring police and fire service were so impressed with how the play was received that the production was extended for a further three months.


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